Looking at anthropology
1972 Riviera, Anthropologist Martin Hoyem's car

Looking at anthropology

Video project

Full project on Theethnographer.com

Looking at anthropology is a video project we carried out among our network of colleagues, friends, and partners. It aims to show the diversity of applications of social sciences with portraits of those who are practicing them not only in academia.

Anthropology and sociology, to name just these two, are often associated only with academic research although their applications and potential applications go far beyond that. Today, however, a majority of researchers trained in sociology and in anthropology don't work in universities and too often they don't use their social science skills and methods as these are overlooked in the business world. 

With this project we hope to contribute to increasing interest in social sciences, to show they open doors to diverse skills and careers, and have potential in unveiling useful and inspiring perspectives on today’s society.