Eternel present
7 January 2012: the first Saturday during the sales in Brussels

Eternel present

Notes from the field

written for 2012 New Year's greeting

Your login ID and Password are correct, your status gets commented, your profile commended, and voilà! Your “ID” is expected to take a stand and have its say here, there and, everywhere. Ubiquitous 3G, Wi-Fi, short memory and push messages enable perpetual movement, away from what happens, where it happens, timeframes and time, and towards the proverbial Cloud. It’s non-stop now, memory is on tap, and minds will only be stirred for a short while.

As it is naturally sheltered from alerts, requests and appointments, ethnography is actually a singular form of luxury: here-and-now luxury, nothing more, nothing less. Its raison d’être is enough to defuse connections, allow the gaze to settle and get back in touch with the feeling of being ‘here’.

Photography Baptiste Mourrièras