Sustainable luxury
Photo Sebastião Salgado, Maison Européenne de la Photographie, Paris.

Sustainable luxury


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Luxury is attractive because of its inherent sub-lime nature (sub-bounds): what norms do not represent or hardly ever … hence encourage to represent. The luxury industry, on a subtle dialectical course between what appears difficult to reach yet at the same time is acknowledged, visible and therefore reachable. Although the very nature of the desire driving to it is universal, luxury per se is far from an absolute concept; the sacredness awarded by each to luxury is what defines it, which in itself is strongly influenced by both culture and context. The object of desire, in luxury, is what the other desires, the manifestation of his or her singularity and difference, displayed for all to see.

Ethics can thereby be considered as the luxury of luxuries. In our western situation, ethics are still perceived as out of luxury bounds; thus being an object of desire for the luxury world itself, - both for those who make it and for those who enjoy it. In that sense, ethics, of which 1.618 as its advocate, is undoubtedly the most advanced manifestation, set out a likely course for the potential future of luxury: it represents the ideal towards which one aspires, difficult to reach and at the same time known, construed and yet reachable, as demonstrated by 1.618.

Légende:Photo Sebastião Salgado, current exhibition at the Maison Européenne de la Photographie, Paris.