Contra mundo
Photo Dominique Kelly

Contra mundo

Communication Agency

written for Co-nekt

There are places where people choose their fate, free from secession and contradiction, devoid of nostalgia, entirely in tune with their day, astonishingly modern. Daydreaming about progress has blinded part of the world, and sucked it into a race where thinking again is no longer an option. The things that are supposed to bring us closer together are driving us further apart, things that were supposed to connect us drive wedges between us.

Naturally, all those things we overlooked have fled and are reinvigorating on the world’s outskirts, in places such as Redonda, where the communication agency Conekt decided to settle, places we can call counter-worlds.
Counter-worlds are actually opposites, like mirrors that show the world what it really looks like, warts, warps and all. Counter-worlds, Michel Foucault contended, are actual places that harbour the imaginary (tree-houses, theatres, ateliers and the like). They are on the sidelines, alongside. They are where norms and codes ease, unshackling thoughts and deeds. Foucault added that counter-worlds are necessary doubles: vacuums cause voids in the real realm.

Life in Redonda encapsulates this counter-world concept. It makes it happen, and makes it up-to-the-minute. With a little help from a few agitators, a way of thinking, doing and living, a way of being in the world where the imaginary is unfettered, blossoms there. Creation there is a manifesto. It embodies what humanists believe in and visionaries envision, without naming them, far beyond this counter-world’s borders. It is a force alongside us.