Our present
Photo by Charly Broyez. Série Soixante Quinze.

Our present

Notes from the field

2017 manifesto

Applause stalls, the red curtain hangs silently. What happens on stage -sometimes happy, sometimes dark and gloomy- seems to have put a spell on us as if we are merely spectators of our own condition. Generations shake and ask what the future will hold.

But then, what can we do with the so short-lived present?
“Real generosity towards the future lies in giving all to the present,” says Camus.
Because the present is the moment that connects us all, that we know for certain we have in common. It is where we choose to contemplate, question, enjoy or challenge the ways of the world. 

That is why, here at Méthos, we will spend 2017 continuing to observe the present and share our insights. Our aspiration is that it may inform -and transform- our shared future.