Being in the world
Photo by Vassili Feodoroff

Being in the world

Notes from the field

2018 manifesto

What would we want to be, if not ourselves?

With our networks, however, we can be so much more – elsewhere, enhanced, seen and liked. It’s so easy nowadays: it’s all a snapshot or two away.

But who are you? ask they who feel they are looking at themselves. Frozen images have somehow failed to capture the moment’s full complexity. It’s hard not to be frustrated when embellished icons of reality are awash in a sea of ‘likes’ whence they will certainly never resurface, and reign supreme over our time and eyes none the less.
Is this whole disruption thing over? Because the web’s thread, it is now clear, is endless. And the longer it gets the smaller it makes us. But look up: the whole world isn’t concentrated in there and a play is unfolding all around you.

We’re human insofar as we are being-in-the-world, Heidegger says, with our bodies, interactions, presence and all. Screens aren’t big enough to show and tell what we try to observe ever more closely and carefully day after day: human nature in all its complexity.