Seniors and planes

Seniors and planes

Photography Aldo Sperber / Picturetank
Air France-KLM
Traveling by air when over 60

The baby-boomers are retiring and they are taking advantage of their free time to … travel. Or at least that is what many would like to do. But it isn't always as automatic or self-evident as one would think, in any case not for all seniors. And it isn't a question of age.

Drawing on our expertise on mobility and air transportation, Air France-KLM asked Méthos' teams to study the potential for a service catering to seniors traveling by plane. In order to do so we carried out ethnographic research on seniors in Lyon, Paris, Brussels and Rotterdam.
The result is an illustrated travel diary that chronicles the troubles, joys and concerns of seniors about every stage of a trip from the moment the idea to travel strikes them to arrival at destination. How to buy tickets? Who will buy them? When? How to prepare for the trip? Who will watch the house? How to get to the airport? How to find my way when I get there?

It showed among other things that the term “senior” is very vague and hollow as they have considerable differences in their traveling needs and expectations. The study identifies and shows these differences by using precise criteria and describing the particular needs and expectations of these travelers that one shouldn't risk isolating and segmenting by calling “seniors” anymore.
Since this study, Méthos has collaborated regularly with Air France-KLM, including recently on intermodal issues. 

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