What we do

Our studies help clients to better understand the environment in which they operate or the one they would like to enter: a market, a country, a community. We observe people ‒ users, clients, professionals. We analyze their behavior, their preferences, the way they react to a new situation, organization, or culture. Our research helps clients to design or position new businesses, products, services or spaces.

Méthos uses ethnographic and anthropological methods because they allow us to get closer to reality, to observe and understand behavior, practices, customs. Our method is boots on the ground rather than head in the clouds ‒ inductive rather than deductive. In line with “Grounded theory” method, we don't formulate any hypotheses until we have spent time in the field.
That is when the right questions emerge.


We call ourselves researchers and act as consultants to our clients. Our roots are in social sciences and academia but our practice is in the world of organizations and business.
We work in the aim of creating optimal, durable and ethical ties between our clients and theirs.

We use qualitative techniques and conduct fieldwork (semi-structured interviews, participant observation, focus groups) to which we add our graphic and film savoir-faire (film, photography, design). Before we begin each study we ask ourselves in which format the results would be most effectively communicated and diffused.


We produce high quality research and films. We approach each project differently as each problem is different, but in general there are two methodological stages to our work: collection of information, and analysis. We rely upon what we have learned through fieldwork to develop our conclusions and client recommendations.

Our clients work with us for our skills as eye-openers when exploring new fields and our ability to understand and describe the world of their clients. In both cases, we identify opportunities as well as constraints in their development by pointing out the gaps or convergences between their intentions and the reality their market. We accompany them in positionning their efforts.

Sectors & clients

Méthos has developed expertise in several sectors. Most of us are also involved in academic research, so we are always honing and expanding our knowledge. Most recently Méthos has been working on: luxury (Richemont, Cartier, LVMH), mobility (Aéroports de Paris, SNCF, Air France-KLM), urban and commercial development (Citynove, Mercialys, Unibail Rodamco), services (Crédit Agricole, Allianz), retail (Carrefour, Auchan) and technology (Microsoft, Samsung).

Extracts from recent fieldwork