An Alliance for Renovation

Energy-efficient renovation is a challenge that requires the mobilization of a multitude of actors, all with different backgrounds, professional skills and ways of working. Through the creation of a private-public alliance, we help them to work as one team.

Create a thriving collaboration between public administrations and private actors in order to achieve the energy-efficient renovation objectives for the Brussels-Capital Region: a project about stakeholder management and collective intelligence.

Water Poverty

Water is a fundamental right, everyone needs access to sufficient water of good quality. In cities like Brussels, however, some people do not have access to water, a reality which is difficult to accept.

In big cities such as Brussels, some people living in poverty do not have access to water. Together with regional public services and a number of local social partners, Méthos studied this phenomenon and worked on solutions to tackle this problem.
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Participation in co-housing projects

An overview of best practices and the most effective ways of applying participatory methods to housing projects. What does participatory design involve? Why involve tenants in it? What strategies and tools work best? A study for the King Baudouin Foundation.

With a view to disseminating co-design philosophy, the King Baudouin Foundation asked Méthos to map out best practices and methods to foster participation in designing or renovating buildings.

Energy-efficient housing

The standards for energy-efficient buildings are reshaping the way people live in them. The question, then, is how to factor people into the way new-generation buildings are designed and managed.

Energy-efficient homes are changing people’s lifestyles. On this project, Méthos worked with dwellers, housing organisations and authorities to integrate the human dimension more effectively in new construction standards.
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